The very popular Paints and Wine workshop now REMOTELY!

We deliver an art supply set that contains the supplies for one painting session and you can easily participate in the workshop via a remote connection. After the purchase, we will send you a link through which you can participate. Pour your favorite drink into your glass and have a relaxing moment painting <3

During the Paints and Wine workshop, a free abstract work of art will be painted using acrylic colors on a 30x42 cm board. Let's start with our instructions on the use of paints, mixing, composition and the progress of the work. In addition, we show several different implementation methods and painting techniques, how the work can be carried out. You can follow our instructor's painting step by step, but you can also use the instructions to create a completely unique free-lance work! In a relaxed and fun workshop, participants get to be inspired by colors and creatively paint a unique work.

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