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Alcohol ink workshop

In the workshop, you'll learn about alcohol ink technic. Alcohol ink is a fast-drying color that is poured directly from the bottle onto glossy thick paper. Drops and layers forms beautiful abstract shapes, and with the help of an air blower pump they can be blown into larger, wider surfaces. You can use several different colors and also thinner to create your own unique artwork. The work can be decorated with white, black and gold marker.

During the workshop you can create as many artworks as you want! The maximum paper size is 45x32cm and they can be used as is or cut smaller. We give instructions on the use of alcohol ink and the combination of colors, as well as the composition of the work. NOTE! Alcohol inks and thinners emit a strong smell, which is not suitable for sensitive people or pregnant women. May cause fatigue and dizziness . We try to ventilate the space throughout the workshop and you can go outside to get some oxygen! The price includes the necessary materials.

If you wish, you can take the dried paintings with you immediately after the workshop, or you can leave the work to dry for us. We keep paintings for two weeks.

Duration 2 hours.