More workshops are coming: We always publish the dates two months in advance.

Acrylic pouring workshop

Acrylic pouring is a technique in which liquid acrylic paint mixed with pouring fluid medium is poured onto the canvas using different techniques. Flowing colors spread randomly into marble-like abstract patterns, creating spectacular colorful outcome. During the two-hour workshop, we will teach mixing colors, finding the right mixture composition and two different ways to make a pour. During the workshop, everyone makes two works (for 30 x 42 cm board bases). All materials needed for the workshop are included in the price. We also have protective jackets for the duration of the work, but we recommend dressing appropriately for the workshop, as the acrylic pour can be messy.

Acrylic pouring takes some time to dry so finished works cannot be given away immediately at the end of the workshop, so please be prepared to pick up your dried works later. We keep paintings for two weeks.

Duration 2 hours.